Welcome to CFUW-Ottawa External Outreach Groups! CFUW-Ottawa members have a long history of working with the community, locally and internationally, to support women and girls. To check out other groups see the Study and Interest Groups page.

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Diplomatic Hospitality

The Diplomatic Hospitality group is committed to extending Canada's welcome to foreign diplomats and their spouses living in the Ottawa area.  The goal is to introduce them to Canada's history, traditions and culture..... (More)


CFUW-Ottawa made it a strategic priority to become involved in a project that would promote lifelong learning and improve the lives of women and children in our community.  The project selected was HIPPY Ottawa.

The HIPPY program focuses on helping low-income parents in Ottawa, usually immigrants, prepare their three- to five-year-olds for school. Numerous benefits include better preparing children for entry to the Ontario school system; empowering parents to prepare their children for school; breaking down barriers to the integration of recent immigrants to Canadian life; and mentoring those parents and program workers interested in pursuing learning or career plans. (more)


A group of CFUW-Ottawa members meet weekly to sing together in 3 part harmony.  They perform at a number of Seniors residences around the city ....... (More)


CFUW-Ottawa hosted the 2010 National AGM for CFUW. The focus of the event was the lack of human rights for Afghan women communicated so movingly by Dr. Sima Samar (physician and Human Rights advocate).  After the event many members of the Club expressed an interest in continuing to study the issue and to look for ways to help the plight of Afghan Women.  The University Women Helping Afghan Women group was formed and has been very active since... (more) 


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