Club Year 2020-2021

CFUW-Ottawa Pink Rose Award

This is an annual award which is presented to one of our Club members, a tradition inaugurated in 2017. The name of the award winner is to be kept secret until announced by the President at our local AGM. The honour goes to those Club members who quietly contribute to our events and activities with no thought of reward or prestige, but with exemplary dedication. The recipients are usually presented with a certificate and a beautiful pink rose at the AGM, but unfortunately due to COVID we were not able to make the actual presentation at that time these last two years.

Previous recipients of the Pink Rose were Elaine Copland (2017), Lynne Bond (2018), Mary Broderick (2019). and Dierdre Abernethy (2020).

The Pink Rose for 2021 goes to Barbara Newbegin

Barb Newbegin, the 2021 recipient has quietly behind the scenes worked on the website without anybody noticing. She put together the page titled 'Why Join CFUW-Ottawa' and has added all the Speaker Series Presentations and so much more. She added music to the Holiday Party's Photo Presentation. She took on the role of ZOOM Chair and investigated costs and organized a team to make sure that all our club and groups' meeting had the ability to meet. She taught many members how to use ZOOM. She is active in Photography, Dining Out, Tuesday Lunching Out, Sunday Brunch, University Women Helping Afghan Women, Women with Hammers and is Convenor of Music Appreciation and Co-Convenor of Focus on GWI: Our International Arm. The list is endless when it comes to naming all the contributions Barb makes to our Ottawa Club.

Like the other Pink Rose recipients, Barb represents the spirit of our CFUW-Ottawa Club! CONGRATULTIONS!

Walk to Kabul Awards

Membership Award

CFUW-Ottawa 110th Anniversary Certificate

Club Year 2019-2020

CFUW-Ottawa Pink Rose Award

The Pink Rose is an annual award to one of our Club members, a tradition inaugurated in 2017. This year’s award was to have been presented by the President at our local AGM in May and will now have to be presented at a later date, but the Board of Directors would like to announce the winner here and now, in the Capital Carillon.

The Pink Rose for 2020 goes to Dierdre Abernethy

This honour goes to those Club members who quietly contribute to our events and activities with no thought of reward or prestige, but with exemplary dedication. Previous recipients of the Pink Rose were Elaine Copland (2017), Lynne Bond (2018) and Mary Broderick (2019). Dierdre, this year’s recipient, has been the Convenor of the popular National Gallery Study and Interest Group for the past four seasons. She is also a stalwart member of UWHAW and of our Literature Group 1 book club. If you come to our General Meetings you will usually see her helping in a quiet and always friendly way at the Used Books table. Like the other Pink Rose recipients, she represents the spirit of CFUW-Ottawa in person.


CFUW Special Project Award

CFUW Ottawa, CFUW Nepean and CFUW Kanata 

Title of Project: International Women’s Day 2018 Dessert and Drama

The CFUW Clubs of Ottawa, Nepean and Kanata presented a highly successful afternoon of drama and Victorian tea on March 10. Enthusiastic actors gave us a fresh look at how Canada was formed from the point of view of the women in the lives of the Fathers of Confederation in Joan Conrod’s play Women Vote Indirect.  The actors were either members of the clubs or their relatives. The tea was delicious and the drama great fun.
The profits from the event have been divided equally among the three clubs which in turn are giving them to women’s charities of their choice.
The event was a networking opportunity, but it also involved lifelong learning, the advancement of women and fundraising. We were also able to highlight some women in Canadian history.



CFUW New Members Award

CFUW-Ottawa is one of the CFUW clubs that have had at least 10% new members and therefore qualify for the New Members Award. 

Check out other CFUW 2018 Award winners, click here. and open file that appears in lower left corner of your screen.

Congratulations to CFUW-Ottawa's Notable Women

We pay tribute to our nine nominees for the CFUW Centennial Notable Woman Award. These nine women illustrate the diverse talents of our membership. Their stories show us how Ottawa-CFUW members contribute to our organization and to the wider world in so many different ways. Working together, all of us make a difference. We thank our nominees for their tireless efforts. Let us be inspired by them! Let us celebrate them! Click here.

Club Year 2011-12
Presented by CFUW (Ontario Council) 

Award was presented to CFUW-Ottawa at the Ontario Council AGM held May 12th in Oakville:


Presented by CFUW (National) 

Presented to CFUW-Ottawa at the National AGM on June 21, 2012 in Victoria, BC

"For its work with HIPPY (Home Instruction for Pre-School Youngsters), its continuing work to raise awareness about women and Afghanistan, the 2010 National CFUW AGM, its annual International Women's Day conferences with other CFUW clubs and the Ottawa Council of Women, its Environmental Toxins and Health Study Group that publishes a monthly column for the newsletter, its resolutions (3 national and 1 proposed for 2013), its newsletter with monthly articles on issues." 

                                Club Year 2010-11


                            Presented by CFUW (National)


Awards to Clubs were presented at the Federation Banquet of the 2011 CFUW AGM in St. John's N.L. on Saturday, August 6, 2011. CFUW-Ottawa received the following three awards: 
  1. Special Projects Award for our Membership Marketing Video  (See Video);
  1. Membership Award for Increasing New Members by 17% (Honourable Mention for Increasing Total Membership by 1%); and,
  2. Certificate of Recognition for Work on Education for Afghan Women and Girls.


                        Presented by CFUW Ontario Council

  1. Advocacy Award for Continuing Work to Raise Awareness about Women and Afghanistan.




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